Honoring a Life


Planning the funeral of a loved one is never easy. Take a moment to reflect on these questions. They can help organize your thoughts and allow you to plan a more personal, meaningful ceremony. As Eda LaShan said, "Nothing can help us face the unknown future with more courage and optimism than remembering the glory moments, and everybody has a few of them."

Think of five words that describe him.
What traits did you admire most?
Did he ever give you any words of wisdom?

What relationships were important to her?
Other than family, who will be affected by her death?
Who had the most influence on her life?

What did he do for fun when he was younger?
In later years, how did he enjoy spending his free time?
What type of things gave him pleasure?

What things interested her?
What accomplishments made her proudest?
Was she a member of any clubs or organizations?

How would he want to be remembered?
What stories would he want passed on to future generations?
What objects could you collect that capture what he was about? 

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